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State Representative for Michigan’s 76th District

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Doug Zandstra and his two sons, Michael and Nicholas

Meet Doug Zandstra

  • Born & raised in Grand Rapids. Attended Grand Rapids Christian and Calvin College.
  • Earned his CPA license from a national firm and has owned his own practice since 2006.
  • Helps local businesses attract capital, hire employees and navigate through layers of red tape to succeed.
  • Helped thousands of Grand Rapidians navigate tax laws, save for retirement, get health insurance and plan for education.
  • Frequently volunteers time and expertise to a local Hispanic center to help families with challenging financial situations.

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(616) 970-3000

Business OwnersRecommend Doug

West Michigan’s business owners support Doug for Michigan’s 76th district.

David VanValkenburg

Owner at VanValkenburg & Associates CPA

We are going to need a person in Lansing who understands the economic impact of what the coronavirus has caused, and who understands the best ways to control tax increases on both businesses and individuals. Doug has served his clients well, guiding them through prior financial challenges and we now need that expertise in Lansing.

Tom Moersch

President of Handyman Connection

Doug came highly recommended to me through my network of friends. I have been extremely happy with his services, availability, quick turn-around on requests, and his expertise. Doug has been very helpful over the last few years with my personal and business accounting needs.

Dana Eveland

Real Estate

I recently became an independent contractor, and at the time my husband was still salaried. I felt like I was in over my head, so I reached out to Doug. He's the best! Made my husband and I feel at ease right away because he's just so knowledgeable. There were tons of tips he had for me, not only for that year I was filing, but also for book-keeping moving forward. He's always been readily available to us for questions, which I greatly appreciate.

Sara Ferrantelli

Registered Nurse

I recently moved from the east coast to Michigan and found Doug to be the perfect CPA to handle our finances. Doug is personable, fantastic to work with, extremely efficient, and goes above and beyond for his clients.

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